01. I'll have to [consult] with my boss before I make a decision this important.
02. Be sure to [consult] with your doctor immediately if your condition changes at all.
03. I wish you had [consulted] with me before deciding to change everything.
04. The referees are in [consultation] to decide what penalties to give to the fighting players.
05. Even English teachers have to [consult] their dictionaries sometimes to find out what a word means.
06. If we can't reach an agreement with the landlord over who should pay for the damage done by the fire, we may need to [consult] a lawyer.
07. There is a Romanian proverb which states that if you want good advice, [consult] an old man.
08. He worked in a bank for about 35 years, and then became a financial [consultant] after he retired.
09. I need to [consult] with my teacher about my presentation.
10. During an average year, the directory assistance Yellow Pages are [consulted] more than 17 billion times.
11. Ed Finkelstein once suggested that a [consultant] is someone who takes your watch away to tell you what time it is.
12. Our company has hired a group of [consultants] who are supposed to find ways to improve overall efficiency.
13. She regularly [consults] her horoscope, but just for fun. She doesn't really believe any of it.
14. We are [consulting] a lawyer to find out if we can prevent our neighbor from raising his house because it would totally block our view of the ocean.
15. His financial [consultancy] business is doing very well. He has a growing number of prestigious clients, and is getting quite a good reputation.
16. After numerous [consultations] with a palm reader, she decided to quit her job, leave her husband, cut off her hair, and become a yoga teacher.
17. She works purely in a [consultative] capacity at a local computing firm.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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